Obsessive Explorers

Founded by multidisciplinary, world-traveling bon vivant Danny Meese, the Metavore tribe is comprised of people with an obsession for new experiences and identifying the Crème de la crème. Always tasting, always testing, we’re clarifying the method of indulgence and redefining luxury.

Born in Tennessee, based in New York, founder Danny Meese is intent on collecting and dissecting new sensations from across the globe. With his unpredictable vocational background as an artist, chef, designer, host and creative director, he unified his experiences by creating Metavore: a movement focused towards embracing the indulgence of the five senses – a respite for the adventurers of the world.

Call us epicurean or hedonistic – our purpose is peace and understanding through exploration, and hopefully some delicious experiences along the way.

The Metavore Podcast

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